USA Behavior

In light of the terrible killing and murdering of people at the Walmart store in El Paso Texas there is a common sentiment that this was a targeted act of hate against Mexican people.

It is clear enough to make that claim, but what pushes the human mind to take that hateful action.  Is it simply the heritage of an individual?  Heritage is definitely not enough to take the leap to kill and murder since it is fair to say that long before this killer arrived in El Paso he encounter first had Mexican people buying gas, supplies, and even the chances that his car was serviced by someone with Mexican heritage.

Let that sink in and you can put yourself into the mind of the killer and see how easy it would have been to kill Mexicans long before arriving to the border of Texas.  This gives rise to how behavior versus heritage is a much stronger driver.  So, again look at the optics that the killer must have seen where 80% plus of the people in the USA were Spanish speaking individuals.

The killer’s awful behavior met a another behavior that conflicts with the killer’s comfort level.  The learning curve for most people in the USA is that white males represent the controlling class.  The Walmart killer in his way sought to take the unthinkable action to maintain this preconceived belief that white males rule.  But, pause and note that the numbers of non-white males is not the outward concern, but yet it is more of the USA behavior that is constantly shifting away from white males being front and center.

Considerable focus is currently centered around Federal relief for Spanish speaking individuals, including immigration, employment, housing, interpreters, child care, education.  Concurrently, there is the complex activity of illegal drugs running in front tunnels, airplanes, boats, submarines and even on foot.  This is not the fault of the illegal merchants but more on the citizens’ demand for the product.  Likewise, legal businesses are leaving Mexico and coming into the USA, but hiring those indiviuals that feel compfortable for a homogneous workforce.

Nonetheless, the lone man’s mind is caving in from not wanting to adopt to USA’s culture change.  There is one clarification that too many people choose to say when speaking to how respect should go to immigrants.  Commenters seeking to justify the wrong image that white males have is saying that America was built on the backs of immigrants.  Well, that is a rude comment when it is not prefaced with indicating that America was built long before immigration was a thing from Europe.  Native Americans built this country in a fashion that blended into a natural habitant commensurate with the then existing environment.  The USA industrial complex was built at the expanse of exterminating the natural inhabitants.

Subsequent to destroying the America’s natural landscape there is an ongoing negative behavior based on cause and effect.  Seeking to take part into an existing society is a good thing, but adding oneself into the mix must be tempered with not pulling away from the current fiber.  Pulling away the fiber examples can include wanting Mexican markets and only hiring Mexican workers.  Pulling away from the fiber can be perceived from requiring interpreters for meetings for converting English to Spanish, likewise same holds true for marketing collateral.

Language is polarizing to many people where it looks like such immigration is asking to having the both of two worlds.  Living in America, but having service customary to the old country.  Historically, people who immigrated from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, and many other European countries worked hard to speak and read English.  That immigration enjoyed sharing one language and those who did not created their own towns, villages, communities, but did not depend or lean on the USA to build it.

Walmart is a symbol of a leading southern American enterprise and knowing that a majority of other retail businesses are hiring large numbers South American workers can be perceived as hurtful to a misguided traditionalist that white males rules.

American teachings have not evolved with in correct tempo with America’s growth.  The teaching in schools are nearly a century behind on social studies.  Math, Science, and Sports have kept pace, but, all of the other courses offered are out dated.  Even vocational teachings have been eliminated from public teachings and opted for advance college placement courses, consequently, too many people are coming out of school ill-equipped to adapt to current America.

Add to this discussion Congress member Steve King of Iowa clearly speaking (on January 14, 2019) “…white nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” This leading congressional representative said “Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?” — “…like the Founding Fathers” — as an advocate for Western values I am simply a nationalist.”

‘Simply a Nationalist’, represent an inner belief that prominent people hold as their rights as a U.S. Citizen.  Any remote infringement to that belief will be vigorously defended through direct and indirection action.  Direct action includes building a wall, changing the policy of immigration, raising the price of real estate, adjusting the gridlines for employment and contract engagement, and the like.  Indirect action includes the change in economic trading pacts with other countries, appointments of judicial seats, moving the headquarters or manufacturing location of a large employer’s corporation,…

Face this Truth that the United States of America was captured for ownership in direct contrast to England’s Royal Kingdom.  There was never consideration that this country already existed (no recognized government to confront) and those ‘Founding Fathers’ are still revered by whites as their birth right to own, control and manage this nation, or in terms on their turf a nation operated as nationalist.